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The 3 P's


Safety is at the center of everything we do. We are relentlessly pursuing and setting the highest possible standards to detect and deter harmful materials from entering your promotional products.

  • Our industry has more than 3,000 suppliers - less than 1% meet our safety requirements.
  • We work closely with our factories to help ensure products are in compliance with all federal and state safety laws.
  • We only use factories that use world-class processes all the way up the supply chain including those set for social compliance and environmental awareness.
  • We offer the most effective way to get top safety processes demanded by the largest Fortune 500® Companies and universities.

Understanding the Regulations

I.D. Me works with professional laboratories to ensure all necessary testing and inspections are performed on products before we add them to the program. With the help of these experts, we stay on top of all legislation and limit the risk of your brand finding its way on a non-compliant product. This includes legislation like:

  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
  • California Proposition 65 (Click Here)+
  • Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Actrb
  • Food Safety and Children Safety regulations

The General Conformity Certificate (GCC)

The GCC is a key document that was mandated by the CPSIA in 2008. It is the primary way that product safety information is communicated across the supply chain, from the factory to the end-consumer. I.D. Me ensures that every product part of the program has an up to date GCC and that all required testing was completed recently. We can also make these GCC’s available for any product upon request.

Please contact us if you’d like more information on how I.D. Me qualifies each product for safety andcompliance.


Behind every product we sell are hundreds of people from all over the world who helped make and decorate it. I.D. Me pushes supply chains to know that these people are respected and work in a safe working environment.

Code of Conduct

The foundation of the social compliance program is our Code of Conduct. This document is a list of minimum, mandatory requirements that must be met to be part of the I.D. Me program. The areas covered by the Code of Conduct are expectations that all workers in a product’s supply chain are safe and treated fairly.

All suppliers who provide products under the I.D. Me program have signed an agreement to follow and implement our Code of Conduct up their supply chain.

I.D. Me College continues to work with suppliers to emphasize the importance of regular audits, corrective action plans, remediation and follow-through monitored by an independent third party to verify that the Code of Conduct is being adhered to and meaningful.

The I.D. Me Code of Conduct is based on the most contemporary standards of the industry. We meet and exceed the standards of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), the Promotional Products International Association (PPAI) and many other leading companies and organizations that advocate for worker safety.

To view our Code of Conduct, click here .
Please let us know if you’d like more information on what we are doing to push for social compliance in the promotional products industry and how we work to improve the working conditions across our industry.


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