Imprinted Golf Towels: Perfect for Golf Newbies!

by Neil L21. June 2013 14:44

If there is one sport that people tend to take up later in life, it’s golf. For bosses, that’s a great thing; when it comes time to present a token of appreciation to the staff, golf gifts are an easy solution! Personalized golf towels are among the many customizable golf accessories we carry, and they are also one of the most popular. People love ordering their employees custom golf towels because they are the perfect item to imprint with not only the company logo, but also with each person’s name.

Employees love promotional golf towels because they provide an appearance of status, no matter how experienced (or inexperienced!) they are with golf. Employers love these items because 1.) They help score points with the staff, and 2.) They are a great branding tool when the entire group is out golfing together. Someone on the course is bound to notice that “those guys over there” all have imprinted golf towels in matching colors – and, hopefully, some matching custom golf hats and bags, too. Will those people be impressed, and want to know more about the company those guys come from? You know it!

Although we also carry golf bags, duffel bags and even golf balls, the golf gift you want to start with is undoubtedly personalized golf towels. Once an employee has that branded towel with his name on it, he will want to take it to the course and show it off immediately (on the weekend, of course!). Custom golf towels are also a great tool for retaining staff loyalty, because employees will want to do their best for an employer that gifts so generously and shows them they are valued.

To place an order for promotional golf towels, contact us for a quote today. Spring is the perfect time for a gift like this!

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