Personalized Bag Clips Solve Problems!

by Neil L18. June 2013 11:00

Not being able to seal a bag can cause all kinds of problems with your food, and imprinted bag clips (aka “chip clips”) are the answer to those problems. Yes, seriously! For example, how much money do we waste each week tossing away stale chips? What about bread – if you’re like me, you always lose that little plastic disk clip. Here’s another one: shredded cheese. The resealable bags that shredded cheese come in are always hard to open, so we break down and cut them open with scissors (admit it!). Then, we accidentally cut the zip sealer. The only solution? Custom bag clips, of course!

But promotional bag clips aren’t just for food. They are also perfect for passing out to customers, especially if your customers are in industries like:

  • Foodservice
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

And any industry where food, small parts or other items are stored in bags – bags that need personalized bag clips! The promotional bag clips you give them will be used regularly, so they will remember your company all year long. They may even pay you a visit just to get more (be sure to throw in imprinted mugs too; combining these with custom bag clips will really have them thinking of you often)!

Lest you think our imprinted bag clips are limited to the standard rectangular style, we want you to know that is not the case. Take the time to check out our selection; we offer personalized bag clips that can look like paws, teeth, sunglasses, hearts and more. Keep in mind, they are great to use as office clips as well. We even have magnet clips that can be kept on metal file cabinets, ready at all times to hold anyone’s important lists. Here’s an idea: hand-out your bag clip with a note for your customer to call you!  Take a look at our selection of personalized bag clips now – because yes, they do solve problems!

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