Glowing Water? Things to do with Highlighters!

by Neil L12. June 2013 15:20

You didn’t know that promotional highlighters weren’t just for highlighting? Truth be told, neither did we. But since our custom highlighters are one of our most popular items to tuck into swag bags, trade show kits and office supply orders, we figured someone in the audience would appreciate an idea for having fun with highlighters.

If you have kids, they could certainly enjoy an unusual project with your personalized highlighters – and if you don’t have kids, why not grab one of the imprinted highlighters off your desk and test these out for fun? Maybe your place of business embraces a fun vibe à la “The Office,” and if so, you could possibly get away with doing this with your co-workers. If not…well, then enjoy this trick with promotional highlighters safely at home.

What is the trick? Making glowing water with the fluid from your custom highlighters! The ink in your personalized highlighters is actually non-toxic fluorescent dye, which produces a glowing light when a blacklight is shined on it. Here are the steps to making glowing water from your imprinted highlighters:

On a stable surface, carefully cut a highlighter in half with a knife. Do not let children do this step! Then, you want to:

  • Pull out the ink-soaked felt inside the highlighter.
  • Soak the felt in a small cup of water.
  • Shine a blacklight over the cup.
  • Enjoy the glow!

There’s no need to cut open more than one of your promotional highlighters for other projects, such as glowing bubbles. You can re-use the felt for several more projects. Save the rest of your custom highlighters for actual office use and for giving out to clients; after all, they are a great marketing tool, and you don’t want that to go to waste!

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