Are Promotional Mousepads a Bad Idea?

by Neil L31. May 2013 12:20

Or, are they a great idea whose time has come? We think it is the latter. Some would ask, aren’t imprinted mousepads kind of a bore? Maybe so. But if you think about the most effective marketing tools you’ve ever encountered, do you remember the ones that are showy and tacky – or do you remember the ones you used every single day? You may not remember the name of the company that handed out boxes of fireworks or performed a flash mob at the last trade show, but you do remember the brands that are on the promotional items you use every day: your pens, your coffee mug and your personalized mousepads. See what we mean?

Of course, you don’t have to intentionally make custom mousepads boring. You can jazz them up with different colors, graphics, photographic images for the background, textual designs and of course, your logo. You can even come up with a fun slogan to stamp them with…something that will really make people remember your brand.

Then, there are different shapes you can design your promotional mousepads with: as common as the standard square with rounded corners, or as quaint as a tree stump, or as sleek as a circle. You do what feels comfortable for your brand and the image you want to project. Imprinted mousepads are one of those items that people will truly use for years, so you want to invest real effort in conceptualizing a design before ordering.

Personalized mousepads don’t wear out for quite some time, so people who are at a desk every day will be looking at them, potentially, for half a decade. That makes them a powerful marketing tool, so it is important to hit a home run with the visual aesthetics and messaging communicated through each item. And you thought we were just talking about a flat piece of rubber and fabric! No way. To get started designing a set of custom mousepads for your next tradeshow event, contact us today for a quote. We can get your promotional mousepads printed up right on time!

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