What Promotional Baseball Hats, Shirts and Pens Really Do for Marketing

by Neil L7. May 2013 17:16

Did you know there is data that supports the idea that promotional products work? It’s true. In a case study conducted by the American Marketing Association, it was reported that promotional products like custom baseball hats, t-shirts and pens have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall; they also reported that these products are an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness.


In other words, people remember the event where they got the imprinted baseball hats, shirts and pens, and they recognize the names of the brands that gave them out. Brand recognition, as every good marketer knows, is important because it lends credibility; people only want to support brands they know to be credible.

What are the best types of promotional products to distribute? According to the study, the most often recalled promotional product category is wearables, at 41%. The categories of wearables that make the biggest impression are:

  • Shirts (22%)
  • Caps/Headwear (11%)
  • Outerwear (6%)
  • Other Wearables (2%)

So as you can see, promotional shirts and personalized baseball hats are both great choices for marketing your business with promotional products. In a close second, writing instruments (yes, pens!) come in at 35%. The survey also noted that drinkware was effective, taking 19% of the market share when it came to effective promotional tools.

Promotional baseball hats are worn by all kinds of people: Soccer moms, hockey dads and golfing grandpas. Everyone needs a go-to cap to shield their eyes from the sun, and why shouldn’t those caps have your business name plastered on them front and center? We offer custom baseball hats that work for nearly anyone’s style, including the traditional baseball style and the sleeker, more feminine variety. These are imprinted baseball hats that can effectively market any business, including yours! To order personalized baseball hats for your next trade show or event, check out our selection today.

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