Personalized Messenger Bags are Back!

by Neil L1. May 2013 13:00

We’ve all heard the jokes about messenger bags, specifically those that involve nicknaming them “man purses.” But regardless of their checkered past, messenger bags are back – and if you can get imprinted messenger bags, that’s even better. Having your company or organization’s name printed on custom messenger bags means that no one will ever think your bag is a “purse.” Instead, it will be likened unto a trendy briefcase – something masculine, utilitarian and professional.

Bags like these can also be promotional messenger bags when they are used by the staff of an organization. If you are an employer, it may be worth the effort to budget for distributing them to your entire staff (or at least employees who interact with prospects and clients, such as the sales team). If anyone on staff goes out of town regularly, it’s a no-brainer; they need personalized messenger bags to use as travel bags! No matter where they are on your corporate totem pole, if you find out that they are frequent fliers – well, you need to get them imprinted messenger bags to use as their carry-ons. It just might be instrumental in helping your brand get recognized nationally!

Durable and well-constructed, our custom messenger bags can double as laptop carriers, book bags, or mobile file cabinets (figuratively, of course). Some people may just wish to use them for carrying receipts, so that when it comes time to do taxes or generate expense reports, all the records necessary are in one convenient bag they’ve carried with them all year. But even if they are not going to function as promotional messenger bags, these items should still be customized with a personal logo and text. After all, you never know who will see them!

Order your personalized messenger bags now, or browse through our great selection and take your time finding the right one. There is sure to be one that is a good fit for everyone on staff.

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