Personalized Sweatshirts and Pants: How Much Text is Needed?

by Neil L25. April 2013 13:25

Have you ever been out and about, looking at the clothing that others are wearing (who hasn’t) – only to be borderline offended by the sheer volume of text that is plastered all over someone’s t-shirt or hoodie? Long, strange philosophical sayings come to mind – also, business information that covers the entire surface of the clothing. Both are annoying enough to turn people away, rather than engage them. So how can you avoid making that same mistake when it comes time to create your own custom sweatshirts and pants for your business? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind.

Keep characters minimal.

Rather than thinking about how many words will be on the clothing, consider the number of characters. Twitter has us now thinking in terms of 140 character briefs, and as maddening as it may be to cram all your thoughts into that tight of a template, it is a good rule of thumb that can be useful even when designing customized clothing. Keep the characters on your promotional sweatshirts and pants to a minimum, and you will likely make a maximum impact.

Think about what you need to say.

We mean, really think about it. Do you honestly need to provide every detail about your business on a sweatshirt? Of course not. All that the people passing by you in the grocery store will have time to read is the name of the business, its address and maybe a phone number. What would be even better, though, would be to skip the address and phone altogether and replace them with the website. Anyone who is really interested in calling or coming by will get that info right off the website, so always print your URL front and center on your imprinted sweatshirts and pants.

Don’t neglect the rest of the design.

We offer numerous varieties of hooded sweatshirts (yes, “hoodies”) as well as crew neck sweatshirts, and those are all available in a number of popular colors. By taking advantage of that, you can make the rest of your shirt stand out in a way that beckons people to read the text for more info about who you are. Don’t underestimate the power of well-designed personalized sweatshirts and pants; they are the key to getting people to look a little longer.

For custom sweatshirts and pants that look the way you want them to, check out our great selection – and have fun designing! These are personalized products that can be as enjoyable to design as they are to wear.

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