How to Use Personalized Crystal Awards

by Neil L11. April 2013 14:40

Have you ever been tempted to enter a contest, only to find out there was no monetary prize? If so, maybe there was at least one incentive that would be enough to convince you it was worth it – say, an award trophy? After all, a great award can be displayed in your business to show everyone how ridiculously competent you are! Even though cash is good, let’s be honest, giving out imprinted crystal awards to contest winners is a better way to let the winning feeling last!   Your recipient will remember receiving an award for much longer than the time it takes to spend that little cash bonus you thought about handing out.

Businesses use custom crystal awards all the time, in order to recognize employees for their hard work. They are common fixtures at corporate banquets, conferences and retreats. Promotional crystal awards can be used to distinguish top earners from the others, or to signify employee promotions. When those awards are all lined up on his desk (or if the employee is lucky enough to have his own office, his shelf), they look pretty nifty.

Employers: This comes back around to benefit you, too. Say a prospective client walks into your employee’s office – a salesman, for example. The prospect sees a row of personalized crystal awards on the desk, each imprinted with the employee’s name and the accomplishment for which he is being recognized. Is he going to be impressed? You bet he is! Will it be enough to convince him to go with your company? It just might!

How to use imprinted crystal awards is only limited by your imagination. They can be an affordable way to recognize the winners of any number of competitions, including:

  • Golf tournaments (get one for the winner and one for the loser!)
  •  Chili cook-offs, BBQ challenges, pie contents or bakeoffs
  •  Fundraising drives (the one who raises the most wins!)
  •  Bowling tournaments
  •  Marathons, mud runs and other community athletic expos

Custom crystal awards can be all kinds of shapes, including sailboat, curve, octagon or teardrop. Pyramids, diamonds, stars, you name it…there are promotional crystal awards that fit every style. To see what personalized crystal awards may a good fit for your next recognition event, check out our great selection.

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