What Goes in Personalized Emergency Auto Kits?

by Neil L8. April 2013 11:29

Pretty much everything you need in case of an auto emergency! With custom emergency auto kits, your entire fleet can have all the tools they need to take care of their own minor car emergencies. Here are some of the key items included in our imprinted emergency auto kits:

Booster cables: Never make your employees ask someone else to lend them jumper cables! It makes your company look bad, for one thing. And while asking someone for a jump could be a dangerous proposition if there is cash in your company car, at least your driver will have his own cables so that the interaction can be as quick as possible.

Tire inflators: Your drivers don’t want to be stuck at the mercy of a tow truck that seems like it’s never coming. Talk about dangerous! Get them these promotional emergency auto kits instead, which have tire inflators that you can train them to use quickly and safely if a blowout occurs. This can be a liability de-flater for you, too (pun intended)!

Flashlights: All the tools in the world won’t help a driver who doesn’t have a flashlight to see with. Since many drivers work at night, a flashlight is imperative to include in the personalized emergency auto kits you buy for your staff. This is a safety must.

Nobody likes a sexist boss, so be sure to get custom emergency auto kits for every single one of your drivers! Females and males alike are bound to experience flat tires, dead batteries and other minor emergencies. If you employ minors, this is a big plus that can help you earn the trust of their parents and boost your company profile in the community. Imprinted emergency auto kits live up to their name: They make a great impression!

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