Imprinted Bags, Backpacks and Totes for Every Audience

by Neil L27. March 2013 17:35

Honestly, who couldn’t use another bag? There is always something in your life that needs to be lugged around. Your employees are no different. They have personal items and professional necessities, and those things need to go into bags. They may as well be promotional bags, backpacks or totes that feature the name of your business.

But these babies aren’t just great for distributing to employees. Custom bags, backpacks and totes are ideal for trade show distribution as well. If your industry is a pretty buttoned up scene, then our attaches, computer bags, briefcases, messenger bags or saddle bags would all be good choices. Wheeled bags are a great option too, particularly if the expo or conference requires a lot of materials to be carried around. Any of these can be customized with the event logo and dates, so that no one will forget where they got their personalized bags, backpacks or totes.

However, if you market in a field that is more youth-oriented or casual, then backpacks or even a casual tote style may be more appropriate for your event. Then again, if you are a marketing professional – well, what do you need to listen to us for? You already know what you’re doing! Just choose the imprinted bags, backpacks and totesthat best suit your audience, industry and occasion, and go for it. We have confidence that our customers can choose wisely. Plus, you really can’t go wrong.

Promotional bags, backpacks or totes “have your back” like nothing else (terrible pun? We make no apologies!).There is nothing better to distribute to employees, colleagues and trade show attendees. Custom bags, backpacks and totes can even be great for personal gifts, to families or a close group of friends. Church groups love personalized bags, backpacks and totes, particularly large churches that have lots of different group programs. Mother’s groups, youth groups, choirs, men’s groups…the annual fishing trip…need we go on? For nearly every group at your church, there are imprinted bags, backpacks and totes to go with it. Remember, items like these create group loyalty, too. What a great way to retain members, right?

Whether it’s for personal or professional distribution, promotional bags, backpacks or totes are the go-to option. Another great perk is that you can give out a different style every year! This is a great way to keep people excited about an annual event. What do you use custom bags, backpacks and totes for? Let us know in the comments below.

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