Imprinted Luggage Tags Make it Easy

by Neil L25. March 2013 14:06

Easy to personalize just about anything involving travel, that is! Whether you are a brand seeking a cost-effective way to put your name on your sales staff’s travel gear, or are an engaged couple getting planning an out-of-town wedding (we’ll explain that one in a moment), you can distribute custom luggage tags with your name and logo on it.

Okay, you most likely already know how promotional luggage tags make sense for sales staff; they can more easily spot their luggage in baggage claims, and they can effortlessly promote their employer (you, perhaps), while on the plane or on the road. But how do personalized luggage tags work for an engaged couple? We’re glad you asked.

Say a couple is having a destination wedding, or friends and relatives are flying in from out of town. A cute way to say “thank you” – and one that will have them saying, “Awwww!” for weeks to come – is to send imprinted luggage tags with your custom design and text on them. Imagine each guest’s delight when they receive a pair of custom luggage tags saying “Ben and Jane, 2013” on them along with the invitation or pre-wedding informational packet (what, doesn’t everybody send those?). Brides are always looking for wedding activities the groom can “get into,” right? Well, this is one of them!

Here’s another fun idea: Use promotional luggage tags when going on a family vacation. What better way to keep your entire group’s luggage together, or at least being able to spot it more easily on the baggage claim? The whole family can have a lot of fun choosing and designing a new set of personalized luggage tags every year, especially because we offer so many different designs and price ranges.

So, how will you use imprinted luggage tags? Leave a comment to let us know!

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