Personalized Computer Bags are for Your VIP Staff

by Neil L15. March 2013 16:14

Sometimes, employees deserve something a little higher end than the standard pen set. If you want to reward your top earners with a real incentive…think cash. Just kidding! That may be what they want, but you need to show your appreciation with something a little more affordable. Plus, if it can be something that promotes your company while they are using it – well, that’s a bonus for you, too. So it’s time to think outside of the box, perhaps with something that comes closer to resembling a bag. A computer bag, that is!

With imprinted computer bags that feature your company logo and the employees’ names, you can kill two birds with one stone by rewarding your best workers and advertising your business simultaneously. What those employees think of as a great gift from the boss, you’ll think of as free advertising. For them, these are a convenient way to tote around their laptops and show the world how professional they are. For you, these are promotional computer bags! Like so many other items we offer, custom computer bags are a 50-50 win!

Worried you won’t be able to find one that matches everyone’s style? Don’t worry. You can go as gender-neutral as you like with a black nylon hand-held bag, or add in feminine flair with a Vaqueta Napa Leather women’s laptop carrier. As we do with many of our items, we recommend you consider giving men and women a different style. After all, these are personalized computer bags! You may not be able to give every person their own style, but you can certainly offer something that’s unique to men and women’s sensibilities.

And don’t forget, imprinted computer bags can be paired with smaller items: pens, calculators and other gadgets your people need to do their jobs while out in the field. Whether they are buyers, salespeople, customer care representatives or technicians, they can certainly benefit from some of these items. These, too, can also be customized with your company logo for free advertising everywhere your workers go. The pens can even be handed out to customers and prospects. When prospects see your employees carrying promotional computer bags, and then they receive a pen on top of it – wow! What an impression, right?

Check out our selection of custom computer bags, and have fun doing it! This is a gift you are going to love personalizing for the most valuable members of your team.


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