Custom Binoculars for Your Event? Sure!

by Neil L4. February 2013 15:40

As more ideas for party favors become mainstream, more of them are now relegated to the ho-hum category. Case in point: candy bags. From brides to birthday girls and from company party committees to family reunion planners, event coordinators are looking for more personalized, memorable favors to distribute to guests. Depending on the theme or location of your event, one idea may be personalized binoculars. Here are some occasions that imprinted binoculars can complement perfectly.

Nature-themed events: Whether you’re planning a big annual scouting trip or a wedding at the zoo (yes, that is a thing now), a set of promotional binoculars for every guest makes a great favor that attendees can use both during the event and after. With the name and date of the event printed on the side, no one is going to forget where they got their custom binoculars.

Concerts: When friends or an organized group goes to a concert together, a set of personalized binoculars is the perfect favor to pass out when everyone gets on the bus (or in the van, or in their get the picture!). For cost reasons, big groups tend to sit in the stands rather than on the floor. That means you will all need binoculars anyway, so they may as well be imprinted binoculars that help everyone remember the event. And, a bonus: When everyone has binoculars, no one will ask to borrow yours all night long. Yay!

Conferences: When the whole staff has to go to a conference, the boss is faced with multiple dilemmas – one of which is staff morale. Employees love to get a gift that they can use during the conference, and promotional binoculars can be that gift. When the CEO is on stage, everyone can see him up close. And if you catch your staff planning to make a game of counting his nose hairs…well, at least they want to pay attention!

Family reunions: Families are getting more creative with big reunions now; there are fewer days at the local park and more weekend trips to amusement parks. Less sitting around, more scavenger hunts. Not as many cookouts, but twice as many campouts. Okay, we’ll stop now. The point is that family reunions are all about shared activities, and custom binoculars with the family reunion name and date are a great tool to use during those activities. If the budget is tight, don’t worry; there are dirt cheap options in personalized binoculars, such as our paper binoculars that only cost you pennies.

See? There are tons of ways to use imprinted binoculars. If you are having a creative event, these are a pretty creative favor to pass out. Check out our selection of promotional binoculars now!

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