Custom Flashlights…Better than Any Other Flashlights!

by Neil L22. January 2013 15:59

Ask any parent who has ever sent a child off to summer camp: Do flashlights ever come home? The answer is no! (You probably guessed that.) The thing is, kids love to share items like flashlights; when one kid doesn’t have one, everyone wants to be the one who shares his or hers. And inevitably, the one that gets shared is the one that doesn’t come home. Unless, that is, it has the child’s name or organization on it. And that is why you want your children to have personalized flashlights.

Of course, parents aren’t likely to order a bunch of custom flashlights for their own family. But if you are a scout leader, a church group leader or even a teacher, your parents are bound to love you for ordering imprinted flashlights for the whole group. Even if you choose to have the school name, church name or troop number printed on it, the mission of making sure the flashlight stays with its original owner can be accomplished because simply because it is personalized at all. Another child isn’t likely to bring home a flashlight that has the name of an organization he doesn’t belong to on it. That is why promotional flashlights are better than any other flashlights!

And there’s even more good news: Personalized flashlights aren’t just for kids. Lots of businesses order them for their employees, especially those companies that operate in the outdoors. Here are some examples of industries that would do well to order custom flashlights for the safety of their field staff:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Automotive
  • Towing
  • Trucking

And honestly, the list is much longer than that! So as you can see, imprinted flashlights are the way to go in lots of different cases. Parents, kids, workers and bosses all love them and can benefit from their distribution. All year long, promotional flashlights can illuminate your path!


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