Personalized Ski Caps and Beanies Make Christmas Affordable!

by Neil L15. January 2013 17:49

Small companies, startups and boutiques may have a small holiday gift budget, and most cannot afford big bonuses for their employees this Christmas. Fortunately, it is still possible to get your staff something fun, personal and perfectly relevant for the holidays. Have you considered buying them caps and hats – you know, like custom ski caps and beanies? If not, you really should!

After all, no matter what part of the country you live in, it is bound to be cold at some point this winter. Plus, imprinted ski caps and beanies are the type of accessory that the younger crowd loves. If most of your staff is under 30, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this!


Promotional beanies and ski caps are perfect for pretty much any industry, too. Think about it: ski caps and beanies look just as appropriate on a macho construction crew as they do on a bunch of creative techies. Also, they are just as popular with women as they are with men. Look around the stands at your next football game and count the number of wives, moms and girlfriends you see sporting a ski cap or a beanie. See what we mean?

Another great advantage is that with personalized ski caps and beanies advertising your company’s name all over town, your employees can become a free marketing method for your business! If you have ever seen young adults wearing imprinted beanies and ski caps, you already know that these accessories are designed to promote everything from athletic equipment to rock bands; so if your employees are going to wear custom ski caps and beanies, they may as well wear ones that promote your brand! Since these types of caps are thought of as stylish, people can instantly associate your brand with edginess just by looking at a hat. Talk about great subliminal advertising!

But the best part of the personalized ski caps and beanies we offer is the price. When you check out our selection of colors and textures, you’ll see that the prices for our promotional ski caps and beanies start at just $2.60 per hat. That is an insanely inexpensive holiday gift you can feel good about ordering for your staff! If you have any questions about our custom ski caps and beanies, feel free to contact us at our toll free customer service number. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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