Could Your Employees Use a Golf Umbrella?

by Neil L8. January 2013 10:59

Promotional golf umbrellas are perfect for surprising employees with an unexpected, totally handy holiday gift. But what if your employees don’t golf? Here’s a secret: Imprinted golf umbrellas are really just umbrellas! And as you know, umbrellas are something that everyone can use: men, women, indoor people, outdoor people. After all, everyone still has to get to work in the rain, right?

The cool thing is, umbrellas are truly easy to customize. Personalized golf umbrellas can have your company logo on it, or each employee’s name on it...or for that matter, anything you want. Better still, we carry a wide selection of colors and styles, which makes the job of designing custom golf umbrellas for your employees lots of fun.

Whether you are taking on the task yourself or have delegated it to an assistant, it is simple to select the respective styles of promotional golf umbrellas you want to give your male and female employees. Why should you make them different? Well, why not? After all, a little battle of the sexes is fun around the office. Men love to brag that they got the better gift from the boss – for that matter, so do women!

Of course, if you do have golfers in the office, then imprinted golf umbrellas are a really great idea. Some styles do look more conducive to playing golf than others, so be sure to select one that makes that “I’m the real golfer around here!” statement. For the serious golfer, we suggest you choose one of the following personalized golf umbrellas:

  • Drizzlestik Golf Club Umbrella
  • The Champ Vented Folding Golf Umbrella
  • The Legend Vented Golf Umbrella

For those who are a little less into golf but still need to keep shelter from the rain (and look good while doing it!), you may want to choose one of these custom golf umbrellas:

  • The Force Fiberglass Shaft Golf Umbrella
  • The Mulligan Fiberglass Shaft Golf Umbrella
  • The MVP Vented Golf Umbrella (Fox News logo not included…but it looks great, right?)

No matter what style of promotional golf umbrellas you choose to give, your employees are bound to thank you. An umbrella is practical, useful and stylish; what’s not to love about that? Contact us to order yours in time for Christmas!

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