Promotional Stadium Blankets: A Fun Gift for Christmas!

by Neil L7. December 2012 10:26

It’s still football season, and by next year we may have hockey back as well (fingers crossed!). No matter the sport, anyone who enjoys being a spectator from September to March needs something to keep them warm in the chilly weather temperatures – and in some parts of the country, even a heavy jacket just won’t cut it. If you’re in Green Bay, Buffalo or another city known for its football but not known for its warm winters, the bottom line is that everyone you know needs custom stadium blankets to comfortably brave out a game until the end.

Cold weather games are only one reason that personalized stadium blankets are the perfect Christmas gift. They are really ideal for any group that wants to match when going to a game together: employees, board members, club members or even families. Matching jackets are too expensive and may not be too everyone’s taste, so imprinted stadium blankets featuring the team colors and the name of the wearer or organization are a great solution that keeps everyone looking (and feeling!) unified. There’s no better way to bring everyone together and get them feeling cozy inside and out this time of year.


 People love winter-themed gifts for Christmas, and blankets certainly qualify. But if you think promotional stadium blankets aren’t “enough” to show you care, why not make them part of a larger gift package? Consider these fun gift basket themes; any of them would be a charming way to present your group with personalized stadium blankets:

  • Winter theme: Cocoa, mugs, cookie mix and imprinted stadium blankets
  • Picnic theme: A blanket tucked into a picnic basket, with a bottle of wine and accoutrements
  • Sports theme: Team mugs, team tree ornaments and team-colored custom stadium blankets

See? These are gifts you can really have fun with! Take a look at our promotional stadium blankets now, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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