Ways to Use Promotional USB Flash Drives

by Neil L4. December 2012 10:43

If there is one hand-held marketing tool that effectively communicates the professionalism of a brand, it is undoubtedly the flash drive. Because flash drives represent the mobility of the modern marketplace, distributing imprinted USB flash drives to your clients, prospects and the press is the perfect way to make sure they associate your brand with competence, efficiency and expertise.

Every time recipients of your personalized USB flash drives make presentations in a meeting, take projects to the printer or plug in the drive to access work documents at home, they can see the name of your company – and that’s powerful.


And there’s no reason the drives have to be blank, either. Although custom USB flash drives are designed for recipients to use, you can still make sure the drives contain one file for them to open and view. This will ensure that these promotional USB flash drives promote your brand even more. Here are some great ideas for files to put on your imprinted USB flash drives. They can  pay off every time you hand the drives out at trade shows or tuck them into press kits:

  • Use the drives to send a video presentation
  • Include a PowerPoint slideshow on the drives
  • Use personalized USB flash drives to share your catalog
  • Have each flash drive contain a coupon file

Any of these ideas make a great conversation piece when talking up a prospect. It is practically impossible to not impress prospects by handing them custom USB flash drives and saying, “Here, take one of these; it includes a great coupon for your first month of service.” In fact, if you place your promotional USB flash drives on the trade show table, don’t be surprised if people start asking you for them!

Don’t worry if they don’t want to talk at length when taking one off the table; just make sure your imprinted USB flash drives have your company name and website URL on them, so everyone can go to your site that evening and see what you’re all about. That’s really the point of personalized USB flash drives; they can effectively get people interested in your brand.

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