Ways to Use Promotional Tote Bags

by Neil L19. November 2012 17:11

Our clients know: People will always have uses for tote bags. Just when they think there are no more uses for the imprinted tote bags they’ve accumulated over the years, people who have them come up with fun functions for the custom tote bags in their closets. Here are a few of the most common:

As a Shopping Bag

Reusable shopping bags are quickly replacing traditional store bags. Eventually, our teenage baggers may stop asking if we want “paper or plastic” – and then what will we do? We’ll use our personalized tote bags, that’s what. Imprinted tote bags from events are eco-friendly alternatives to the big plastic ball of bags in the laundry room cupboard (does anyone really take them back to the store for recycling?). Shoppers are always grateful when they find promotional tote bags stashed in the car – and they’ll be glad to say goodbye to the big plastic ball.

As a Gym Bag

People who already budget for a gym membership in a recession need to cut costs somewhere, and many will start with the $100 gym bag. These days, no one thinks it’s cool to brag about how much you spent – but the one who gets everything for free is the one we admire. Chances are, many of your event attendees are ready for some new imprinted tote bags that can be converted to gym bags they can use.

As a Craft Bag

Custom tote bags for the gym are expensive, but their cost is dwarfed by the cost of the craft bag. Crafty types know that a tricked-out scrapbooking organizer or sewing caddy could run $100 or more. And usually, it doesn’t even have enough space to hold all the junk that’s needed. What doesn’t fit can go into personalized tote bags. Crafters love organizing them by making one for fabric, one for tools, one for paper…you get the picture. Hobbies are expensive enough, and people need more money for the hobby itself – not the bag the supplies go in. 

As a Supermom Stash Bag

From a child’s perspective, the making of a supermom is not in her ability to juggle work and family, but in her ability to bring along every conceivable item the child may want when the family goes somewhere. If a mom has toys, snacks and Band-Aids to lug around but her kids are too old for a diaper bag, she can haul that stuff in one of her most stylish promotional tote bags. If she has lots of imprinted tote bags at home, she can use them to make each child their own bag o’ junk. This is how supermoms are made.     

There are oh-so-many ways that those who attend your event can use their promotional tote bags. With a little creativity, they can turn the item you gave them into a tool that makes life simpler for years to come – and with your organization’s name printed on the bag, they will think of you every time they do it.

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