Promotional Stadium Blankets: A Fun Gift for Christmas!

by Neil L7. December 2012 10:26

It’s still football season, and by next year we may have hockey back as well (fingers crossed!). No matter the sport, anyone who enjoys being a spectator from September to March needs something to keep them warm in the chilly weather temperatures – and in some parts of the country, even a heavy jacket just won’t cut it. If you’re in Green Bay, Buffalo or another city known for its football but not known for its warm winters, the bottom line is that everyone you know needs custom stadium blankets to comfortably brave out a game until the end.

Cold weather games are only one reason that personalized stadium blankets are the perfect Christmas gift. They are really ideal for any group that wants to match when going to a game together: employees, board members, club members or even families. Matching jackets are too expensive and may not be too everyone’s taste, so imprinted stadium blankets featuring the team colors and the name of the wearer or organization are a great solution that keeps everyone looking (and feeling!) unified. There’s no better way to bring everyone together and get them feeling cozy inside and out this time of year.


 People love winter-themed gifts for Christmas, and blankets certainly qualify. But if you think promotional stadium blankets aren’t “enough” to show you care, why not make them part of a larger gift package? Consider these fun gift basket themes; any of them would be a charming way to present your group with personalized stadium blankets:

  • Winter theme: Cocoa, mugs, cookie mix and imprinted stadium blankets
  • Picnic theme: A blanket tucked into a picnic basket, with a bottle of wine and accoutrements
  • Sports theme: Team mugs, team tree ornaments and team-colored custom stadium blankets

See? These are gifts you can really have fun with! Take a look at our promotional stadium blankets now, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Ways to Use Promotional USB Flash Drives

by Neil L4. December 2012 10:43

If there is one hand-held marketing tool that effectively communicates the professionalism of a brand, it is undoubtedly the flash drive. Because flash drives represent the mobility of the modern marketplace, distributing imprinted USB flash drives to your clients, prospects and the press is the perfect way to make sure they associate your brand with competence, efficiency and expertise.

Every time recipients of your personalized USB flash drives make presentations in a meeting, take projects to the printer or plug in the drive to access work documents at home, they can see the name of your company – and that’s powerful.


And there’s no reason the drives have to be blank, either. Although custom USB flash drives are designed for recipients to use, you can still make sure the drives contain one file for them to open and view. This will ensure that these promotional USB flash drives promote your brand even more. Here are some great ideas for files to put on your imprinted USB flash drives. They can  pay off every time you hand the drives out at trade shows or tuck them into press kits:

  • Use the drives to send a video presentation
  • Include a PowerPoint slideshow on the drives
  • Use personalized USB flash drives to share your catalog
  • Have each flash drive contain a coupon file

Any of these ideas make a great conversation piece when talking up a prospect. It is practically impossible to not impress prospects by handing them custom USB flash drives and saying, “Here, take one of these; it includes a great coupon for your first month of service.” In fact, if you place your promotional USB flash drives on the trade show table, don’t be surprised if people start asking you for them!

Don’t worry if they don’t want to talk at length when taking one off the table; just make sure your imprinted USB flash drives have your company name and website URL on them, so everyone can go to your site that evening and see what you’re all about. That’s really the point of personalized USB flash drives; they can effectively get people interested in your brand.

Custom Journals: Christmas Gifts Your Employees will Love!

by Neil L29. November 2012 10:06

Let’s be honest: We all like to hear ourselves talk. But since it isn’t always socially appropriate to speak our innermost thoughts in public, many of us can benefit from journaling. Kids may call them diaries, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t use them too. Journaling is a great way to pass the time, get your thoughts out on paper and experience a few minutes of personal catharsis. And doing it in your own personalized journals? Well, that’s even better.

For that reason, many employers are bypassing the cheap box of chocolates and low-value Starbucks cards this Christmas, and opting for a much more personalized employee gift: imprinted journals. They know that ordering custom journals for employees is a far more appreciated gesture. These don’t have to be promotional journals (although they can be); instead, some companies are actually ordering a set of imprinted journals with employees’ names on the front.


Another option is to go with semi-promotional journals, meaning that while they may have the company name, they may also have the employee names or even company departments on them. There are lots of graphics options for the front of the personalized journals, too, including your company logo or another fun, colorful graphic. There are even wine tasting journals that are perfect gifts for employees who enjoy the finer things in life. That’s the beauty of personalized products like custom journals; you can be as creative as you want to be. After all, what boss wants his employees to think he’s boring? Fair point, right?

Even if you aren’t sure how big your guys are on writing or sipping Chablis, their imprinted journals can be a great tool for them to use in meetings. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel sitting at the head of the conference table, looking down the line of attentive workers clutching their promotional journals from the company. Your whole team will look so much more professional, and you can be the rising star of upper management for that reason alone. This is going to work out for everyone! Take a look at our dozens of options in custom journals, and see if you don’t have a blast getting creative with your order.

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Promotional Products

Promotional Pens are Still a Great Tool!

by Neil L28. November 2012 15:37

It’s no secret that typing and texting are popular. But handwriting is still a big part of our daily routine; people still write on Post-its, sign their names and fill out forms every day. No matter what technology becomes mainstream, people will always want, need and use pens.

And imprinted pens? They’re as popular as ever. Open up your desk drawer and count how many you have personally; chances are, you have at least two or three. And, it’s highly likely that you could name the businesses on your personalized pens without even looking. That means that custom pens make a big impact on people, and it’s the reason why you need to distribute promotional pens to your customers, prospects, event attendees and employees.   

There’s even better news here: Now, there are more choices for promotional pens than ever before. No longer are you relegated to one bland style; instead, you have tons of pen varieties and designs at your disposal. Here are a few of the most popular types of imprinted pens:

Ballpoint pens - These are the time-tested standard bearer in pens – personalized pens and otherwise! Ballpoint pens can be bought affordably in bulk and distributed anywhere as an unforgettable calling card.

Gel pens - People love brightly colored gel pens; the smooth flow of the ink is practically addictive. That alone is a great reason to make gel pens your go-to marketing tool the next time to plan to order custom pens for your business.

Rollerball pens – Speaking of free-flowing ink, rollerball pens have that as well. People love rollerball pens because they can make nearly any handwriting look like neat, precise penmanship. If you aren’t sure which kind of promotional pens people will use, trust us: You can’t go wrong with rollerball pens.

Magnetic pens - These are super fun. Everyone loves a little gadget for the desk, and a magnetic pen can be that gadget. These pens fit snugly into a magnetic stand that’s  impossible to resist playing with throughout the day. What better way to keep your business on the minds of clients?

Imprinted pens have always been, and will always be a great marketing tool. Simple, affordable and compact, personalized pens are so handy that the people you give them to will use them forever – and think of you when they do. You can’t go wrong with custom pens!

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