What Happens without Custom Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins

by Neil L28. February 2013 11:44

Picture this: It’s been one week since the conference, and that promising potential client you encountered there is minutes away from meeting with you on your turf. The last time this happened with a different prospect, you had to ask him what he would like from Starbucks beforehand, then rush out to pick it up and arrive back to the office breathless, just seconds before your would-be customer walked in the door. Still out of breath, you shoved the cup towards him and blurted, “Here you go.” It was already cold, and he wasn’t impressed.

Now, the Alternative: Personalized Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins

But this time, you know better. You decided you would never let that happen again, and you found a solution: imprinted mugs, travel mugs and steins from a reliable promotional products maker. Using their convenient, easily navigable website, you invested in a few dozen.

What does this drinkware look like? For prospects who maintain their own offices, you looked at glass mugs, ceramic mugs and bistro mugs before settling on a style and color you liked – imprinted with your company logo, of course. It’s perfect for the professional who needs a mug to keep at work, and it reminds him of your business every time he uses it.

For prospects that spend much of their time on the road, you browsed through the selection of travel mugs and travel tumblers designed to hold hot or cold beverages. These promotional mugs, travel mugs and steins are also in a color that is conducive to your brand and marked with your company logo. Because this contact is always out and about, lots of other potential prospects will see his mug – and some of them just may ask him about you.

Custom Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins are Your Drinkware Solution

Congratulations! You found a solution to the customer coffee cup conundrum: imprinted mugs, travel mugs and steins. Yes, steins! Depending on your type of business, they may actually be more suitable than a mug (that’s up to you, of course). The important thing is that now, when your prospect walks through the door, you have a custom drinkware solution that will impress him the moment you hand him that personalized cup of liquid gold. And the best part is, when he asks where he should leave his mug, you can smile warmly and say, “It’s yours.” Whether or not he becomes a client, you won’t forget the look on his face. That’s what personalized mugs, travel mugs and steins are all about.


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Promotional Products

Promotional Mugs and Tumblers give Brand Recognition ROI

by Neil L28. November 2012 12:23

Drinkware is a popular item to personalize and distribute for promotional purposes. Why? Because people consume drinks. A lot. In fact, people tend to drink from the same cup for days, weeks or months at a time. They rinse the cup out at work every day, then put it back on the shelf and re-use it for as long as they can. As a result, the same people can see your brand name on the cups they use every day for years – that is, if they are using your imprinted mugs and tumblers.

For that reason, personalized mugs and tumblers are one of the best promotional product investments you can make. While we don’t have the numbers on ROI, there’s a good chance they are substantial – and if more mugs were distributed, the numbers would be even greater.  

Yes, there are plenty of great promotional products out there (that’s why we sell them, too!). But no matter what is imprinted on the side, promotional mugs and tumblers are far more likely to become a staple in someone’s routine than a t-shirt (not that there’s anything wrong with promotional t-shirts!). A great personalized t-shirt is likely to be worn, but it will only be worn sporadically.

On the flip side, someone that uses your custom mugs and tumblers for his work beverage is going to see the name of your brand every time he reaches for a drink, all day long – again, for years. That’s really why promotional mugs and tumblers are among the most common sense (dare we say “no brainer,” even) promotional products you can distribute. National brands have been known to issue imprinted mugs and tumblers to employees and loyal customers, because they understand this.

Of course, you don’t want to distribute just any personalized mugs and tumblers to your audience. You want mugs and tumblers that are made from high quality materials that won’t crack the moment they fall on the floor. That means choosing a design with, for example, fusion acrylic on top and stainless steel on the bottom; these are the highest quality materials for hot beverage mugs. For cold beverage tumblers, there is the sleek design of an acrylic mug with test tube liner. Durable materials like these will ensure that the item lasts for years.

When using their custom mugs and tumblers, the people in your audience will see the brand name imprinted on the side every day for years to come. Do you want it to be the name of your brand on their imprinted mugs and tumblers – or someone else’s? Think about it.


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