Personalized Fleece Jackets Send a Message

by Neil L3. April 2013 12:10

…And that message is, “I’m the boss, and don’t you forget it.” After all, anyone can wear a tee shirt or cap bearing the company name, and we encourage them to! That is why we urge you to personalize items like those for your employees. But only the owner of the company, and perhaps a few on his executive team, can wear custom fleece jackets – and that alone shows people who is in charge around here.

With imprinted fleece jackets from Eddie Bauer, Ogio or Port Authority, you and the most elite among your staff can look a cut above the rest of the company – and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and it is important to wear something that shows young, inexperienced staff members who the boss is. Call it “wardrobe intimidation” if you want; we just call it good management!

Of course, this custom outer wear is also a practical marketing tool. You can wear your promotional fleece jackets around town, and instantly be recognized as the local expert in your field. Imagine this: You make your morning breakfast stop wearing one of the personalized fleece jackets you purchased to promote your business. There, you will no doubt encounter an assortment of local retirees, city council members, police officers and other influential community members (it’s no secret that this is the early morning coffee shop crowd).

As you sit at the counter, one of them taps you on the shoulder and asks, “Is that your business?” Recognizing that it was your imprinted fleece jacket that tipped him off, you smile warmly and confidently answer, “Yes.”

“We’re always looking for guys who do what you do,” he replies. “You have a card?”

Of course you do! And you hand it over. Just like that, wearing custom fleece jackets has made you a mobile advertisement for your company.

Promotional fleece jackets have made that scenario happen for countless business owners, and they can do it for you, too. Take a look at our selection of them now; you’re sure to find one that fits your style and company image.

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Imprinted Bags, Backpacks and Totes for Every Audience

by Neil L27. March 2013 17:35

Honestly, who couldn’t use another bag? There is always something in your life that needs to be lugged around. Your employees are no different. They have personal items and professional necessities, and those things need to go into bags. They may as well be promotional bags, backpacks or totes that feature the name of your business.

But these babies aren’t just great for distributing to employees. Custom bags, backpacks and totes are ideal for trade show distribution as well. If your industry is a pretty buttoned up scene, then our attaches, computer bags, briefcases, messenger bags or saddle bags would all be good choices. Wheeled bags are a great option too, particularly if the expo or conference requires a lot of materials to be carried around. Any of these can be customized with the event logo and dates, so that no one will forget where they got their personalized bags, backpacks or totes.

However, if you market in a field that is more youth-oriented or casual, then backpacks or even a casual tote style may be more appropriate for your event. Then again, if you are a marketing professional – well, what do you need to listen to us for? You already know what you’re doing! Just choose the imprinted bags, backpacks and totesthat best suit your audience, industry and occasion, and go for it. We have confidence that our customers can choose wisely. Plus, you really can’t go wrong.

Promotional bags, backpacks or totes “have your back” like nothing else (terrible pun? We make no apologies!).There is nothing better to distribute to employees, colleagues and trade show attendees. Custom bags, backpacks and totes can even be great for personal gifts, to families or a close group of friends. Church groups love personalized bags, backpacks and totes, particularly large churches that have lots of different group programs. Mother’s groups, youth groups, choirs, men’s groups…the annual fishing trip…need we go on? For nearly every group at your church, there are imprinted bags, backpacks and totes to go with it. Remember, items like these create group loyalty, too. What a great way to retain members, right?

Whether it’s for personal or professional distribution, promotional bags, backpacks or totes are the go-to option. Another great perk is that you can give out a different style every year! This is a great way to keep people excited about an annual event. What do you use custom bags, backpacks and totes for? Let us know in the comments below.

Imprinted Luggage Tags Make it Easy

by Neil L25. March 2013 14:06

Easy to personalize just about anything involving travel, that is! Whether you are a brand seeking a cost-effective way to put your name on your sales staff’s travel gear, or are an engaged couple getting planning an out-of-town wedding (we’ll explain that one in a moment), you can distribute custom luggage tags with your name and logo on it.

Okay, you most likely already know how promotional luggage tags make sense for sales staff; they can more easily spot their luggage in baggage claims, and they can effortlessly promote their employer (you, perhaps), while on the plane or on the road. But how do personalized luggage tags work for an engaged couple? We’re glad you asked.

Say a couple is having a destination wedding, or friends and relatives are flying in from out of town. A cute way to say “thank you” – and one that will have them saying, “Awwww!” for weeks to come – is to send imprinted luggage tags with your custom design and text on them. Imagine each guest’s delight when they receive a pair of custom luggage tags saying “Ben and Jane, 2013” on them along with the invitation or pre-wedding informational packet (what, doesn’t everybody send those?). Brides are always looking for wedding activities the groom can “get into,” right? Well, this is one of them!

Here’s another fun idea: Use promotional luggage tags when going on a family vacation. What better way to keep your entire group’s luggage together, or at least being able to spot it more easily on the baggage claim? The whole family can have a lot of fun choosing and designing a new set of personalized luggage tags every year, especially because we offer so many different designs and price ranges.

So, how will you use imprinted luggage tags? Leave a comment to let us know!

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Personalized Computer Bags are for Your VIP Staff

by Neil L15. March 2013 16:14

Sometimes, employees deserve something a little higher end than the standard pen set. If you want to reward your top earners with a real incentive…think cash. Just kidding! That may be what they want, but you need to show your appreciation with something a little more affordable. Plus, if it can be something that promotes your company while they are using it – well, that’s a bonus for you, too. So it’s time to think outside of the box, perhaps with something that comes closer to resembling a bag. A computer bag, that is!

With imprinted computer bags that feature your company logo and the employees’ names, you can kill two birds with one stone by rewarding your best workers and advertising your business simultaneously. What those employees think of as a great gift from the boss, you’ll think of as free advertising. For them, these are a convenient way to tote around their laptops and show the world how professional they are. For you, these are promotional computer bags! Like so many other items we offer, custom computer bags are a 50-50 win!

Worried you won’t be able to find one that matches everyone’s style? Don’t worry. You can go as gender-neutral as you like with a black nylon hand-held bag, or add in feminine flair with a Vaqueta Napa Leather women’s laptop carrier. As we do with many of our items, we recommend you consider giving men and women a different style. After all, these are personalized computer bags! You may not be able to give every person their own style, but you can certainly offer something that’s unique to men and women’s sensibilities.

And don’t forget, imprinted computer bags can be paired with smaller items: pens, calculators and other gadgets your people need to do their jobs while out in the field. Whether they are buyers, salespeople, customer care representatives or technicians, they can certainly benefit from some of these items. These, too, can also be customized with your company logo for free advertising everywhere your workers go. The pens can even be handed out to customers and prospects. When prospects see your employees carrying promotional computer bags, and then they receive a pen on top of it – wow! What an impression, right?

Check out our selection of custom computer bags, and have fun doing it! This is a gift you are going to love personalizing for the most valuable members of your team.


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What Happens without Custom Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins

by Neil L28. February 2013 11:44

Picture this: It’s been one week since the conference, and that promising potential client you encountered there is minutes away from meeting with you on your turf. The last time this happened with a different prospect, you had to ask him what he would like from Starbucks beforehand, then rush out to pick it up and arrive back to the office breathless, just seconds before your would-be customer walked in the door. Still out of breath, you shoved the cup towards him and blurted, “Here you go.” It was already cold, and he wasn’t impressed.

Now, the Alternative: Personalized Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins

But this time, you know better. You decided you would never let that happen again, and you found a solution: imprinted mugs, travel mugs and steins from a reliable promotional products maker. Using their convenient, easily navigable website, you invested in a few dozen.

What does this drinkware look like? For prospects who maintain their own offices, you looked at glass mugs, ceramic mugs and bistro mugs before settling on a style and color you liked – imprinted with your company logo, of course. It’s perfect for the professional who needs a mug to keep at work, and it reminds him of your business every time he uses it.

For prospects that spend much of their time on the road, you browsed through the selection of travel mugs and travel tumblers designed to hold hot or cold beverages. These promotional mugs, travel mugs and steins are also in a color that is conducive to your brand and marked with your company logo. Because this contact is always out and about, lots of other potential prospects will see his mug – and some of them just may ask him about you.

Custom Mugs, Travel Mugs and Steins are Your Drinkware Solution

Congratulations! You found a solution to the customer coffee cup conundrum: imprinted mugs, travel mugs and steins. Yes, steins! Depending on your type of business, they may actually be more suitable than a mug (that’s up to you, of course). The important thing is that now, when your prospect walks through the door, you have a custom drinkware solution that will impress him the moment you hand him that personalized cup of liquid gold. And the best part is, when he asks where he should leave his mug, you can smile warmly and say, “It’s yours.” Whether or not he becomes a client, you won’t forget the look on his face. That’s what personalized mugs, travel mugs and steins are all about.


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Why Promotional Lanyards are a Must for Trade Shows

by Neil L27. February 2013 15:13

The holidays are over, and that can only mean one thing: Trade show season is upon us! If you are organizing a trade show for your industry group, you need a few key items to imprint with the event logo and distribute to attendees. One of those items, of course, is promotional lanyards.

Lanyards aren’t just a name badge accessory; they’re a valuable security tool. With custom lanyards bearing the name of your event and its sponsoring companies, every attendee at the trade show will have a badge for easy and secure entrance to the events. If a group enters without wearing their imprinted lanyards, security can immediately spot them and apprehend them for questioning. In this security-sensitive environment we live in, this is important – even necessary.

Another reason you want your event attendees to wear promotional lanyards is so that they can distinguish themselves from the vendors at the show. Vendors should have their own custom lanyards, for which you are most likely responsible as well. So although that means you need to order two kinds of lanyards, the good news is…we offer way more than two kinds! Check out our large selection of personalized lanyards; you can definitely find two kinds that look totally distinct and yet remain conducive to the nature of your trade show.

Using imprinted lanyards as name badge holders makes your trade show event safer, more secure and infinitely more impressive. As the event organizer, you can make a serious name for yourself by getting a style everyone will like. And if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, ask us about 100% custom lanyards that fit your specifications. You may be surprised by what’s possible!

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Promotional Lip Balms Stay with Them all Winter

by Neil L21. February 2013 10:08

If you need a trade show item that will stay with the people who receive it on a daily basis, why not give out something they can use all the time? Personalized lip balm is something that can really come in handy this time of year; the weather is cold, skin is dry and that means lips are chapped. What better way to stay in the pocket (literally) of everyone you meet at the expo?

We carry a variety of custom lip balm options – everything from economy lip balms that are suitable for either gender, to shiny, tinted, girls-only glosses. If your business caters to a strictly feminine crowd, then that second option is definitely the way to go. You will have everyone buzzing about the “one giving out the lip gloss” – and that “one” just happens to be you.

There are even multiple options for imprinted lip balm of the gloss variety, including the long tube design every girl is familiar with and a modern tin style with a sliding lid that allows you to fit more text (perfect if you have a tagline or a long business name). Another style of promotional lip balm is a round, compact design that makes everyone think of high end cosmetics like Mac and Hard Candy.

But no matter which style of personalized lip balm you choose, this is the trade show favor that no one will forget; better yet, it’s definitely one they won’t want to lose. Everyone will be competing for the attention of the attendees, so you need to make sure your promo items stand out. Custom lip balm is one item that will set you apart from the others and help you generate leads (don’t forget to put your URL on them so you can be contacted later).

Take a look at our selection of imprinted lip balm now; there are so many, it may take time to choose the one you like best.

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Custom Binoculars for Your Event? Sure!

by Neil L4. February 2013 15:40

As more ideas for party favors become mainstream, more of them are now relegated to the ho-hum category. Case in point: candy bags. From brides to birthday girls and from company party committees to family reunion planners, event coordinators are looking for more personalized, memorable favors to distribute to guests. Depending on the theme or location of your event, one idea may be personalized binoculars. Here are some occasions that imprinted binoculars can complement perfectly.

Nature-themed events: Whether you’re planning a big annual scouting trip or a wedding at the zoo (yes, that is a thing now), a set of promotional binoculars for every guest makes a great favor that attendees can use both during the event and after. With the name and date of the event printed on the side, no one is going to forget where they got their custom binoculars.

Concerts: When friends or an organized group goes to a concert together, a set of personalized binoculars is the perfect favor to pass out when everyone gets on the bus (or in the van, or in their get the picture!). For cost reasons, big groups tend to sit in the stands rather than on the floor. That means you will all need binoculars anyway, so they may as well be imprinted binoculars that help everyone remember the event. And, a bonus: When everyone has binoculars, no one will ask to borrow yours all night long. Yay!

Conferences: When the whole staff has to go to a conference, the boss is faced with multiple dilemmas – one of which is staff morale. Employees love to get a gift that they can use during the conference, and promotional binoculars can be that gift. When the CEO is on stage, everyone can see him up close. And if you catch your staff planning to make a game of counting his nose hairs…well, at least they want to pay attention!

Family reunions: Families are getting more creative with big reunions now; there are fewer days at the local park and more weekend trips to amusement parks. Less sitting around, more scavenger hunts. Not as many cookouts, but twice as many campouts. Okay, we’ll stop now. The point is that family reunions are all about shared activities, and custom binoculars with the family reunion name and date are a great tool to use during those activities. If the budget is tight, don’t worry; there are dirt cheap options in personalized binoculars, such as our paper binoculars that only cost you pennies.

See? There are tons of ways to use imprinted binoculars. If you are having a creative event, these are a pretty creative favor to pass out. Check out our selection of promotional binoculars now!

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Promotional Stadium Seats

by Neil L1. February 2013 13:38

True, high school football season is pretty much over for this year, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. One item that every school needs to keep fans comfy and cozy while they cheer the team on is imprinted stadium seats, which are designed to cushion the backside with thick, durable foam while helping fans show off their school spirit with a personalized team logo. We have tons of options in personalized stadium seats; in fact, they are totally customizable. After all, you have to have custom stadium seats in order for the team to be properly promoted.

Of course, you don’t have to limit promotional stadium seats to just football. If your school has a baseball team, tennis team or swim team, then now is the perfect time to order a whole bunch just in time for spring. And what about soccer leagues? No matter the age of the players, parents love to carry around gear that sports the name of their kids’ teams. In fact, soccer moms are notorious for it!


Imprinted stadium seats are a great way to say thank you to the parents who have supported your team or league for the past season. They are especially perfect for all-star teams, since making the all-star team is something that can only happen with good family support. Remember, these are the same parents who will be painting their cars with numbers and names throughout the entire all-star season – so custom stadium seats are easily something for them to go gaga over. Many times, leagues and coaches mark them up and sell them as a fundraiser. Why not?

So many personalized stadium seats…so little time before the next season! Ordering them now just makes sense.


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Custom Flashlights…Better than Any Other Flashlights!

by Neil L22. January 2013 15:59

Ask any parent who has ever sent a child off to summer camp: Do flashlights ever come home? The answer is no! (You probably guessed that.) The thing is, kids love to share items like flashlights; when one kid doesn’t have one, everyone wants to be the one who shares his or hers. And inevitably, the one that gets shared is the one that doesn’t come home. Unless, that is, it has the child’s name or organization on it. And that is why you want your children to have personalized flashlights.

Of course, parents aren’t likely to order a bunch of custom flashlights for their own family. But if you are a scout leader, a church group leader or even a teacher, your parents are bound to love you for ordering imprinted flashlights for the whole group. Even if you choose to have the school name, church name or troop number printed on it, the mission of making sure the flashlight stays with its original owner can be accomplished because simply because it is personalized at all. Another child isn’t likely to bring home a flashlight that has the name of an organization he doesn’t belong to on it. That is why promotional flashlights are better than any other flashlights!

And there’s even more good news: Personalized flashlights aren’t just for kids. Lots of businesses order them for their employees, especially those companies that operate in the outdoors. Here are some examples of industries that would do well to order custom flashlights for the safety of their field staff:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Automotive
  • Towing
  • Trucking

And honestly, the list is much longer than that! So as you can see, imprinted flashlights are the way to go in lots of different cases. Parents, kids, workers and bosses all love them and can benefit from their distribution. All year long, promotional flashlights can illuminate your path!


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