Custom Stress Relievers Come from Bosses Who Care

by Neil L24. July 2013 16:08

Everyone likes a boss that is real, right? You can be that boss to your employees – the one that acknowledges times are tough and the job is hard but darn it, you care! Specifically, there is one fun trinket you can pass out to your staff to communicate all of those things without saying a word: personalized stress relievers. You know, those squishy little objects with the smooth fabrics that just feel soooo good on the fingers. Employees love these things, and they especially love getting them from the boss.

That is because with imprinted stress relievers, you are sending the message that it’s okay for employees to take a daily sanity break at their desks. When it comes down to it, workers just want to be appreciated and valued; this is one token that shows them, in some small way, that they absolutely are.

And, you can pass out promotional stress relievers at trade shows too! Expo attendees love getting fun items they can use for a long time to come, and these definitely qualify. You can brand them with your company info, and make them virtually any shape so that they are compatible with your brand. Just some of the styles of custom stress relievers we offer include:

  • Globes
  • Hearts
  • Dominoes
  • Basketballs
  • Baseballs
  • Little muscle men (cute, right?)

We even have ballpoint pens with tiny personalized stress relievers on the tops. There are adorable styles of imprinted stress relievers for nearly every industry – and if you don’t see one here, all you have to do is ask. We may be able to recommend specialty custom stress relievers that complement your brand. For a fun staff gift or trade show trinket, ask us about promotional stress relievers today. We will be glad to take your order.

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Imprinted Golf Towels: Perfect for Golf Newbies!

by Neil L21. June 2013 14:44

If there is one sport that people tend to take up later in life, it’s golf. For bosses, that’s a great thing; when it comes time to present a token of appreciation to the staff, golf gifts are an easy solution! Personalized golf towels are among the many customizable golf accessories we carry, and they are also one of the most popular. People love ordering their employees custom golf towels because they are the perfect item to imprint with not only the company logo, but also with each person’s name.

Employees love promotional golf towels because they provide an appearance of status, no matter how experienced (or inexperienced!) they are with golf. Employers love these items because 1.) They help score points with the staff, and 2.) They are a great branding tool when the entire group is out golfing together. Someone on the course is bound to notice that “those guys over there” all have imprinted golf towels in matching colors – and, hopefully, some matching custom golf hats and bags, too. Will those people be impressed, and want to know more about the company those guys come from? You know it!

Although we also carry golf bags, duffel bags and even golf balls, the golf gift you want to start with is undoubtedly personalized golf towels. Once an employee has that branded towel with his name on it, he will want to take it to the course and show it off immediately (on the weekend, of course!). Custom golf towels are also a great tool for retaining staff loyalty, because employees will want to do their best for an employer that gifts so generously and shows them they are valued.

To place an order for promotional golf towels, contact us for a quote today. Spring is the perfect time for a gift like this!

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Personalized Bag Clips Solve Problems!

by Neil L18. June 2013 11:00

Not being able to seal a bag can cause all kinds of problems with your food, and imprinted bag clips (aka “chip clips”) are the answer to those problems. Yes, seriously! For example, how much money do we waste each week tossing away stale chips? What about bread – if you’re like me, you always lose that little plastic disk clip. Here’s another one: shredded cheese. The resealable bags that shredded cheese come in are always hard to open, so we break down and cut them open with scissors (admit it!). Then, we accidentally cut the zip sealer. The only solution? Custom bag clips, of course!

But promotional bag clips aren’t just for food. They are also perfect for passing out to customers, especially if your customers are in industries like:

  • Foodservice
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

And any industry where food, small parts or other items are stored in bags – bags that need personalized bag clips! The promotional bag clips you give them will be used regularly, so they will remember your company all year long. They may even pay you a visit just to get more (be sure to throw in imprinted mugs too; combining these with custom bag clips will really have them thinking of you often)!

Lest you think our imprinted bag clips are limited to the standard rectangular style, we want you to know that is not the case. Take the time to check out our selection; we offer personalized bag clips that can look like paws, teeth, sunglasses, hearts and more. Keep in mind, they are great to use as office clips as well. We even have magnet clips that can be kept on metal file cabinets, ready at all times to hold anyone’s important lists. Here’s an idea: hand-out your bag clip with a note for your customer to call you!  Take a look at our selection of personalized bag clips now – because yes, they do solve problems!

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Glowing Water? Things to do with Highlighters!

by Neil L12. June 2013 15:20

You didn’t know that promotional highlighters weren’t just for highlighting? Truth be told, neither did we. But since our custom highlighters are one of our most popular items to tuck into swag bags, trade show kits and office supply orders, we figured someone in the audience would appreciate an idea for having fun with highlighters.

If you have kids, they could certainly enjoy an unusual project with your personalized highlighters – and if you don’t have kids, why not grab one of the imprinted highlighters off your desk and test these out for fun? Maybe your place of business embraces a fun vibe à la “The Office,” and if so, you could possibly get away with doing this with your co-workers. If not…well, then enjoy this trick with promotional highlighters safely at home.

What is the trick? Making glowing water with the fluid from your custom highlighters! The ink in your personalized highlighters is actually non-toxic fluorescent dye, which produces a glowing light when a blacklight is shined on it. Here are the steps to making glowing water from your imprinted highlighters:

On a stable surface, carefully cut a highlighter in half with a knife. Do not let children do this step! Then, you want to:

  • Pull out the ink-soaked felt inside the highlighter.
  • Soak the felt in a small cup of water.
  • Shine a blacklight over the cup.
  • Enjoy the glow!

There’s no need to cut open more than one of your promotional highlighters for other projects, such as glowing bubbles. You can re-use the felt for several more projects. Save the rest of your custom highlighters for actual office use and for giving out to clients; after all, they are a great marketing tool, and you don’t want that to go to waste!

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Promotional Products

Are Promotional Mousepads a Bad Idea?

by Neil L31. May 2013 12:20

Or, are they a great idea whose time has come? We think it is the latter. Some would ask, aren’t imprinted mousepads kind of a bore? Maybe so. But if you think about the most effective marketing tools you’ve ever encountered, do you remember the ones that are showy and tacky – or do you remember the ones you used every single day? You may not remember the name of the company that handed out boxes of fireworks or performed a flash mob at the last trade show, but you do remember the brands that are on the promotional items you use every day: your pens, your coffee mug and your personalized mousepads. See what we mean?

Of course, you don’t have to intentionally make custom mousepads boring. You can jazz them up with different colors, graphics, photographic images for the background, textual designs and of course, your logo. You can even come up with a fun slogan to stamp them with…something that will really make people remember your brand.

Then, there are different shapes you can design your promotional mousepads with: as common as the standard square with rounded corners, or as quaint as a tree stump, or as sleek as a circle. You do what feels comfortable for your brand and the image you want to project. Imprinted mousepads are one of those items that people will truly use for years, so you want to invest real effort in conceptualizing a design before ordering.

Personalized mousepads don’t wear out for quite some time, so people who are at a desk every day will be looking at them, potentially, for half a decade. That makes them a powerful marketing tool, so it is important to hit a home run with the visual aesthetics and messaging communicated through each item. And you thought we were just talking about a flat piece of rubber and fabric! No way. To get started designing a set of custom mousepads for your next tradeshow event, contact us today for a quote. We can get your promotional mousepads printed up right on time!

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Promotional Products

What Promotional Baseball Hats, Shirts and Pens Really Do for Marketing

by Neil L7. May 2013 17:16

Did you know there is data that supports the idea that promotional products work? It’s true. In a case study conducted by the American Marketing Association, it was reported that promotional products like custom baseball hats, t-shirts and pens have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall; they also reported that these products are an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness.


In other words, people remember the event where they got the imprinted baseball hats, shirts and pens, and they recognize the names of the brands that gave them out. Brand recognition, as every good marketer knows, is important because it lends credibility; people only want to support brands they know to be credible.

What are the best types of promotional products to distribute? According to the study, the most often recalled promotional product category is wearables, at 41%. The categories of wearables that make the biggest impression are:

  • Shirts (22%)
  • Caps/Headwear (11%)
  • Outerwear (6%)
  • Other Wearables (2%)

So as you can see, promotional shirts and personalized baseball hats are both great choices for marketing your business with promotional products. In a close second, writing instruments (yes, pens!) come in at 35%. The survey also noted that drinkware was effective, taking 19% of the market share when it came to effective promotional tools.

Promotional baseball hats are worn by all kinds of people: Soccer moms, hockey dads and golfing grandpas. Everyone needs a go-to cap to shield their eyes from the sun, and why shouldn’t those caps have your business name plastered on them front and center? We offer custom baseball hats that work for nearly anyone’s style, including the traditional baseball style and the sleeker, more feminine variety. These are imprinted baseball hats that can effectively market any business, including yours! To order personalized baseball hats for your next trade show or event, check out our selection today.

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Promotional Products

Personalized Messenger Bags are Back!

by Neil L1. May 2013 13:00

We’ve all heard the jokes about messenger bags, specifically those that involve nicknaming them “man purses.” But regardless of their checkered past, messenger bags are back – and if you can get imprinted messenger bags, that’s even better. Having your company or organization’s name printed on custom messenger bags means that no one will ever think your bag is a “purse.” Instead, it will be likened unto a trendy briefcase – something masculine, utilitarian and professional.

Bags like these can also be promotional messenger bags when they are used by the staff of an organization. If you are an employer, it may be worth the effort to budget for distributing them to your entire staff (or at least employees who interact with prospects and clients, such as the sales team). If anyone on staff goes out of town regularly, it’s a no-brainer; they need personalized messenger bags to use as travel bags! No matter where they are on your corporate totem pole, if you find out that they are frequent fliers – well, you need to get them imprinted messenger bags to use as their carry-ons. It just might be instrumental in helping your brand get recognized nationally!

Durable and well-constructed, our custom messenger bags can double as laptop carriers, book bags, or mobile file cabinets (figuratively, of course). Some people may just wish to use them for carrying receipts, so that when it comes time to do taxes or generate expense reports, all the records necessary are in one convenient bag they’ve carried with them all year. But even if they are not going to function as promotional messenger bags, these items should still be customized with a personal logo and text. After all, you never know who will see them!

Order your personalized messenger bags now, or browse through our great selection and take your time finding the right one. There is sure to be one that is a good fit for everyone on staff.

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Personalized Sweatshirts and Pants: How Much Text is Needed?

by Neil L25. April 2013 13:25

Have you ever been out and about, looking at the clothing that others are wearing (who hasn’t) – only to be borderline offended by the sheer volume of text that is plastered all over someone’s t-shirt or hoodie? Long, strange philosophical sayings come to mind – also, business information that covers the entire surface of the clothing. Both are annoying enough to turn people away, rather than engage them. So how can you avoid making that same mistake when it comes time to create your own custom sweatshirts and pants for your business? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind.

Keep characters minimal.

Rather than thinking about how many words will be on the clothing, consider the number of characters. Twitter has us now thinking in terms of 140 character briefs, and as maddening as it may be to cram all your thoughts into that tight of a template, it is a good rule of thumb that can be useful even when designing customized clothing. Keep the characters on your promotional sweatshirts and pants to a minimum, and you will likely make a maximum impact.

Think about what you need to say.

We mean, really think about it. Do you honestly need to provide every detail about your business on a sweatshirt? Of course not. All that the people passing by you in the grocery store will have time to read is the name of the business, its address and maybe a phone number. What would be even better, though, would be to skip the address and phone altogether and replace them with the website. Anyone who is really interested in calling or coming by will get that info right off the website, so always print your URL front and center on your imprinted sweatshirts and pants.

Don’t neglect the rest of the design.

We offer numerous varieties of hooded sweatshirts (yes, “hoodies”) as well as crew neck sweatshirts, and those are all available in a number of popular colors. By taking advantage of that, you can make the rest of your shirt stand out in a way that beckons people to read the text for more info about who you are. Don’t underestimate the power of well-designed personalized sweatshirts and pants; they are the key to getting people to look a little longer.

For custom sweatshirts and pants that look the way you want them to, check out our great selection – and have fun designing! These are personalized products that can be as enjoyable to design as they are to wear.

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How to Use Personalized Crystal Awards

by Neil L11. April 2013 14:40

Have you ever been tempted to enter a contest, only to find out there was no monetary prize? If so, maybe there was at least one incentive that would be enough to convince you it was worth it – say, an award trophy? After all, a great award can be displayed in your business to show everyone how ridiculously competent you are! Even though cash is good, let’s be honest, giving out imprinted crystal awards to contest winners is a better way to let the winning feeling last!   Your recipient will remember receiving an award for much longer than the time it takes to spend that little cash bonus you thought about handing out.

Businesses use custom crystal awards all the time, in order to recognize employees for their hard work. They are common fixtures at corporate banquets, conferences and retreats. Promotional crystal awards can be used to distinguish top earners from the others, or to signify employee promotions. When those awards are all lined up on his desk (or if the employee is lucky enough to have his own office, his shelf), they look pretty nifty.

Employers: This comes back around to benefit you, too. Say a prospective client walks into your employee’s office – a salesman, for example. The prospect sees a row of personalized crystal awards on the desk, each imprinted with the employee’s name and the accomplishment for which he is being recognized. Is he going to be impressed? You bet he is! Will it be enough to convince him to go with your company? It just might!

How to use imprinted crystal awards is only limited by your imagination. They can be an affordable way to recognize the winners of any number of competitions, including:

  • Golf tournaments (get one for the winner and one for the loser!)
  •  Chili cook-offs, BBQ challenges, pie contents or bakeoffs
  •  Fundraising drives (the one who raises the most wins!)
  •  Bowling tournaments
  •  Marathons, mud runs and other community athletic expos

Custom crystal awards can be all kinds of shapes, including sailboat, curve, octagon or teardrop. Pyramids, diamonds, stars, you name it…there are promotional crystal awards that fit every style. To see what personalized crystal awards may a good fit for your next recognition event, check out our great selection.

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What Goes in Personalized Emergency Auto Kits?

by Neil L8. April 2013 11:29

Pretty much everything you need in case of an auto emergency! With custom emergency auto kits, your entire fleet can have all the tools they need to take care of their own minor car emergencies. Here are some of the key items included in our imprinted emergency auto kits:

Booster cables: Never make your employees ask someone else to lend them jumper cables! It makes your company look bad, for one thing. And while asking someone for a jump could be a dangerous proposition if there is cash in your company car, at least your driver will have his own cables so that the interaction can be as quick as possible.

Tire inflators: Your drivers don’t want to be stuck at the mercy of a tow truck that seems like it’s never coming. Talk about dangerous! Get them these promotional emergency auto kits instead, which have tire inflators that you can train them to use quickly and safely if a blowout occurs. This can be a liability de-flater for you, too (pun intended)!

Flashlights: All the tools in the world won’t help a driver who doesn’t have a flashlight to see with. Since many drivers work at night, a flashlight is imperative to include in the personalized emergency auto kits you buy for your staff. This is a safety must.

Nobody likes a sexist boss, so be sure to get custom emergency auto kits for every single one of your drivers! Females and males alike are bound to experience flat tires, dead batteries and other minor emergencies. If you employ minors, this is a big plus that can help you earn the trust of their parents and boost your company profile in the community. Imprinted emergency auto kits live up to their name: They make a great impression!

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